Top 10 Simple Ways to De-clutter Your Life

It feels as though life has become one big jumble of actions and responsibility. I feel busy all the time. Even when I try to lessen the work I do during the day, it feels as though I’m rushing to complete things.

I have resolved to setting up my life so that I am not so stressed all the time. I am sharing 10 ways that I am going to implement in my life so that I have my priorities straight and I am not so distracted.

Limit media intake

This is my major downfall and I have begun uninstalling apps from my phone and deleting my login information from my computers. I need social media for my blogs and my contacts, but that doesn’t mean I have to live on my accounts for hours at a time.

I have begun designating time for social media and logging off when I am done. I have been amazed at how much extra time I have created for myself since I have started this. I use my quiet morning routine for social media and I also spend some time on social media in the evening. Other than that, I have begun lessening my intake and it feels amazing.

Tips for helping limit your media intake:

Designate certain times for social media and ignore it otherwise

When you AREN’T on social media, don’t check up on it. Ignore it!

Avoid multitasking

I am so guilty of this and I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to realize that it doesn’t work. I have begun to focus on one or two projects at a time (if the two projects complement each other like research and writing or writing and editing). I have gotten so much done that I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t start this earlier.

Tips to help you eliminate multitasking:

Create a list of goals for you to focus on

Create an environment in which you either aren’t distracted or aren’t tempted to begin something else

Only choose one thing to work on at a time

Set your priorities

It helps me immensely to know exactly what needs to be done and by what time. I usually have a list of to-do items on or near my desk that keep me reminded of what I need to be focusing on. Not only should you keep a list of what needs to be done near you, but you should be listing the order that the items need to be done in. While it might be tempting to work on the slow and non-essential things, it would be more beneficial for you to work on one or two major items that need to be done as soon as possible.

Tips to help you set better priorities:

Create lists of immediate priorities, important priorities, and wants

Take care of immediate priorities first and focus on the other items later

Remember to focus on ONE thing at a time!

Clean off your counters

I don’t know about you, but I work better when I have a clean work space. I am a HUGE fan of the concept of minimalism. I can concentrate better, and I don’t have little things distracting me when I am trying to focus on something important. Find spaces for each of the items that are cluttering your work space (and other areas of your house!). I am much more motivated to begin work when I walk into my office and see a clean desk.

Tips for cleaning counters:

Find a space for everything

Designate different times for cleaning and working (otherwise you will get distracted)

Overhaul rooms in your house

While on the subject of cleaning off your counters, make it part of your house to de-clutter your house. Have enough room for walking without tripping over items. Work so that you are able to put groceries down on a clean table. Have designated areas for shoes, laundry, and other odds and ends.

Tips for overhauling your house:

Read THIS POST for tips on minimalism

Work on one room at a time

Set up a system for clutter

Since we live in a smaller space, it’s important for us to have specific areas for our things. We have areas for shoes, separate areas for laundry, areas for garbage, etc. This system allows us to have an easier time sorting and cleaning. It also helps keep our living space cleaner for a longer period of time.

Tips for a system to help with clutter:

Decide what areas are giving you problems (for us, it’s shoes and laundry)

Determine which areas in the house you want for shoes or laundry or anything else you are having a problem with

Be decisive

Be clear about your goals. Be clear about your boundaries. When is your work time? Since I work from home, I have to be clear about that time. What are one or two goals that you want to get done for the day? Should you begin saying no to events that would bog your time down? There’s busy and productive and there’s busy and not productive. Designate what you want to focus on and keep that focus.

Tips on being decisive:

Decide ahead of time what goals you are going to work on

Once you have your goals set, tell yourself that you will focus on that goal until it’s completed (with breaks, of course)

Create an online note-taking system

If you’re like me, then you have multiple methods for note taking. I have random notebooks around the house that allow me to write down my thoughts at will. I also have the Notes app on my phone that I use when I am unable to write something down on paper. I prefer OneNote for my note taking and planning. It syncs between devices (which is very important for me since I work between my phone, my laptop, and my PC) and it has multiple tabs and pages for me to keep track of my thoughts and plans.

Tips for note-taking:

Separate subjects! It’s impossible to keep track of items when you have one list with everything on it

I use OneNote and I have different folders and different tabs that I use for each subject that I keep track of

5-minute cleaning session (the walk and clean)

I have begun the habit of walking and cleaning. If I am going from the office to the kitchen, I pick up anything that belongs in the kitchen like dishes and take them with me. I find that clutter frustrates me to the point that I can’t concentrate on anything but the clutter. Walking and cleaning allow me the ability to multitask in a smaller way and get two things done at once in a way that is productive.

Tips for the walk and clean:

Keep it small (grab a dish while you walk to the kitchen)

Try to make it a habit that when you walk from a room to take something with you that doesn’t belong in that room

Take time to unwind

This is the most important tip I have for you to de-clutter your life. Take a break! Designate part of your day (I prefer to set aside evenings) and remove all work distractions from that time period. Spend time with your family. Take some time for your passions. Enjoy life. The love of a busy life doesn’t resonate with me. Yes, I have a large family. Yes, I have a lot of responsibilities. But I don’t believe that those mean that I HAVE to always be busy. We are a family that likes to get away from technology. We love the outdoors. Yes, work and bringing in an income are important for your family. But so is spending time with your family!

Tips for unwinding:

Don’t overwork yourself all day and then take a small break in the evening

Take a long lunch, take a break when the sun sets to spend time with your family.

If you find yourself stressing, it’s a sign that you need a break! Even if something is important or on a deadline, take a 5 or 10 minute break to grab a snack and then get back to work.

I hope that these 10 tips will resonate with you and give you some ideas on how to de-stress your life.

Comment below and let me know whether you struggle with business and how you overcome it! I’d love to hear from you!

simple ways to declutter your life

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