5 Tips for Staying Stress Free During the Holiday Season

The holiday season tends to be the happiest and busiest time of the year. Between shopping, parties, working, and baking, it can be stressful. It’s totally normal to feel burned out time by the time you get to the actual holiday. Sometimes things can get lost in the hustle and bustle. We tend to switch between our computers and our phones which can be hectic and stressful! (I want a transfer feature, so I can have what I’m working with on BOTH!) Also, if you are like me, you are also working with pen and paper (it helps me remember what I’m supposed to be doing if I write it down), which means I’m writing random lists and reminders across papers spilled all over my desk. I want to take this holiday season and conquer it! I want to make this season my most stress-free yet! Here are some ways that I am planning on staying ahead of everything.

Stay on Top of Your Gift List

The holidays always add even more items that you are trying to complete, and gift-buying seems to be the most stressful. How many people do you buy for? What would they like? Create a spreadsheet or use OneNote and keep track of your gift list. Make sure you remember to keep track of your finances!

Maintain a healthy diet during the season

The holiday season is a stressful time on its own. But not taking care of our bodies while we are going through stress can be even more stressful. The season is FULL of temptations. Try to bake healthy alternatives instead of anything laden with sugar. I believe that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed. However, I also make sure that I try to eat at least two healthy meals a day. Usually breakfast and lunch are healthy, while the dinners tend to be large and full of sweets.

Start planning earlier for the holidays

While the hectic bustle is still a few months away, it pays to start planning now. Schedules can stack up fast with all of the obligations around the holidays. It’s so stressful to put together a last-minute event or run to the store because you forgot an important ingredient (guilty!). Keep track of your goals and events. Also, remember to use the word “no” more often! Spend the holidays with your family and friends and keep enough time in your schedule for relaxation and doing nothing.

Keep on top of your workload during the holidays

It is SO easy to get distracted around the holidays. Keep your goals in the center of your mind. Work first, play later! Be sure to not check out due to your engagements, because the end of the year tends to be important to most companies. Schedule out time for your work-related activities and also schedule out time for fun and games. Keep on top of your work duties.

I love the holiday season but it is SO stressful! All of the events and the over-spending can take its toll. Read this post to learn how to stay stress free during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Avoid overbooking your calendar around the holidays

It can be SO easy to say yes to everything! Parties, gift exchanges, desserts! With all of the excitement about the season, it’s way too simple to nod your head and stress out later from how many things you have to complete! This is the holiday season! It’s an interruption from the chaos that is already your life. Give yourself time to relax and take a breather.

I want to hear how you plan on staying stress free for your holiday season! Share your ideas and comments below!