The Most Important Time of the Day for Your Family

We all want to spend more time with our families. When our spouses and our children are all at home at once. Intentional living sometimes means taking the time that we have and making the most of it.

Breakfast can be rushed and lunch at our house usually means everyone scrounges around for snacks and leftovers.

For this reason, I have begun to designate that dinner time is family time. It’s the time when we are beginning to settle down for the evening. We are all usually famished from the day and a large meal is appreciated. It’s a good time for family conversations. Change for us begins at the dinner table.

We can live intentionally by making memories with the people we are surrounded with and not by obsessing over what is perfect and what needs changed.

I have started to cook our dinner meals and make it as personal as possible. This is part of my way of showing my appreciation for my husband and my love for my children. A home cooked meal is a good way to take care of your family and take the extra time to converse with each other.

A dinner in which we all sit down and eat together is also a good way to promote slower eating. It allows everyone to slow down and get passed the rushed chaos of the day.

As I have a family of 6, this change of dinner time can take planning and plenty of sacrifice. I have begun using our slow cooker a LOT more lately. When I have the extra time, I will take more effort and make a roast. If we are eating too late or things are still chaotic, I will get us by with sandwiches and light snacks. Just some type of meal where we all can sit down and eat together. That is what counts.

Is this hard? Absolutely!! With four kids, I can barely take a shower, let alone cook a whole entire meal for us in the middle of the day. However, I feel that taking the time to cook dinner and sit down together is rewarding. It allows us to be purposeful about our day and our time. A home cooked meal is a way to care for your family.

Take care that you not get caught up in perfection though. If a huge meal just isn’t feasible, heat up some frozen macaroni and sit down. The thing that matters is that we take the time to sit down together and focus on each other while we are eating. Take the time to actually listen to your family members. Learn how they communicate.

Spending time with family. Important time of day for family. Guard your time fiercely.

Is the point of this that we take the time to create a perfect meal with perfect family conversations? No, not at all! The main idea I want you to take from this is that it would be best to focus on creating intentional time with your loved ones. Maybe create a once a week meal where you invite a friend or family member over. They will appreciate a good meal and it will give your children the chance to practice their manners and be generous with their time.

While I prefer changing our dinner routine to include a home cooked meal and a slow dinner, it doesn’t have to be that particular thing for your family. How about a dessert meal? What about sitting down in the living room with snacks and playing board games? Take the time to go for a walk in the morning or later evening. Begin to take the time you have been given to spend time conversing and connecting with your family.

It is important that when you are trying to live intentionally that you do less and begin to listen more. I have found that this new practice of ours has been a great way for our older children to learn how to open up to us about more difficult subjects. Our younger children think that family time is the best invention ever. They love going around and talking to their family members.

Try to pay attention to the moments that are being created right in front of you. Living intentionally is an amazing way to connect with your surroundings, your friends, and your family.

What do you do to connect with family members? Let me know in the comments!

The most important time of the day for your family

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