My Favorite Finds of the Week – 1st Week of November

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I am used to a warmer November! This time last year, it was a bit warmer and I liked it. This year it’s in the 20s at night and I have to resist the urge to crawl into a blanket and disappear. 

Do you do that? What’s your favorite season? Mine are spring/autumn. My only reason for disliking summer is the extreme heat. I’m not a fan. And I dislike winter for the same (but opposite) reason, it’s too cold! I am not too fond of extreme weather at all. 

Spring brings fresh flowers and storms. I feel as though I am coming out of hibernation. Autumn brings bright colors and the beginning of that cozy feeling that I appreciate during the holiday season. 

As I want to use this blog for helpful content, I thought it’d be fun to share some interesting finds with you! I love learning about new books, new sales, and anything fun that other people have found throughout the week. (Honestly, one person can’t browse the WHOLE Internet every day, right?!). I love sharing with friends.

So here are some fun, new ideas that I’ve found and I thought would be interesting to share! 

Fiction Books I’m Reading:

A Highland Christmas

This short book is a cute one to read since Christmas is next month (wow)! My husband and I share heritage from Scotland/Ireland so I usually pick out books from those regions. 

The Highland Witch

I love this book, but a word of warning: it’s not written in the usual style. I still haven’t found conversations written in the “usual” way. The dialogue is mostly thought out than said. Aside from that, it’s an amazing book and it features a plot from an actual event in Scotland that happened years ago.

Non-fiction Books I’m Reading:

More Than Just Making It: Hope for the Financially Frustrated

We’ve really been struggling financially lately. Even with an increase in income, it’s been hard with four kids. So I found this book on Amazon when it was on sale, (go check and see if the sale is still on!). It’s a story of one family who went from struggling with paying for basic necessities to how they got out from under some huge purchases. Very inspiring story! 

Story Trumps Structure

I am a lover of books and I am a lover of writing. Put both together and I am SO happy. I’ve been gravitating towards books that help increase my skill when it comes to written content and this book does NOT disappoint. It’s full of practical tips that are thoughtful and not redundant. 

Tip of the week:

As it’s the month of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take an extra moment to remind you to be grateful. In whatever situation you are in, it does wonders to be still for a moment and have gratitude for your life and what you have been given. 

We are about to enter the month of Christmas, and it can be SO easy to get caught up in buying new things and becoming obsessed with what we don’t have. 

I have struggled with this recently and it’s been such a joy to look back on what my family has been given and realize how blessed we truly are. 

Interesting article:

Nighttime Routines for Busy Moms

While morning routines tend to be easier for me to work with, I’ve come to realize how important an evening routine can be as well. This article gives tons of good tips for moms who are already busy on how to de-stress in the evening.

How has your first week of November been? I hope you are excited about the upcoming holiday season! Let’s chat below! 



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