How to help your child prepare for a school schedule after a summer of fun

Summer can be SO much fun for kids! No school (or limited school if you are my kids). Nice weather for playing outside. Lots of extra fun activities. 

Just being away from a routine that they have had for 9 months can be invigorating. 

However, summer is only 3 months long. This doesn’t mean that your schedule will stay in place even though it’s only the length of one season. Usually our home runs on chaos during the summer months. We tend to do more spur of the moment trips and we get outside as much as possible. 

So, how do you get your child ready for the transition between a summer schedule and school schedule? It can take some extra effort but it’s possible!

Here are some clever tips for making sure your students are ready for early mornings and homework assignments!

Start creating a school routine at least a month ahead. 

It’s tough for kids to transition to a school schedule the weekend before the first day of school. So, start earlier and go slower. Reduce the snacking. Transition bedtimes. If you have the time, print off a sheet or two of writing and numbers for them to brush up on their learning skills. 

Begin the day earlier and end the day earlier

This is one area that I have a problem with and I’m more go with the flow since we home school and that can be done entirely in the afternoon, especially when it’s still nice out and school is in session. However, the one thing I try to do is push the kids to get up a BIT earlier each day so that they can get used to a schedule transition. 

Let them help plan out their supplies needed for school

Create a list of items needed for the school year and take them with you to the store when you purchase the school supplies. They can brush up on math skills by counting out how much their supplies cost and they can help you find the best deals. This will also help them become more involved in what goes on with planning for school. 

Keep a type of schedule during summer

Keeping some type of routine in place during summer will help enforce a return to a strict routine when school starts back up in the fall. This is easier said than done but if you keep up on morning routines, it will be easier to transition to a quicker morning when they need to get out the door for school. 

These simple tips for getting ready for school to start back up will really help your kids during that period when school starts back up and the summer fun begins to fade away.

Try to keep your children a part of the planning period for school. This will really help them mentally and physically prepare for the school year. This will also *hopefully* get them excited about starting a new school year. I know my kids love to pick out their own supplies. 

What do you do to help your kids when the summer schedule is too tempting to let go of? Let’s talk about it!

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