How to Have Fun Dating Your Spouse with Children

I have been married for over 10 years now.

I have found that taking time for ourselves away from our children is an important part of marriage.

However, that is not always possible. When those times occur, and they happen often, it’s beneficial for everyone to still find some way to have fun as a family and allow everyone to reconnect.

Re-connection during marriage is a vital part of a lasting relationship.

Over the past few years, my husband and I have come up with a few different ways to date each other and reconnect while younger children are present.

Not all these ideas will apply to everyone, but the selection should help put some ideas into your mind to think about!

Have fun dating your spouse. Fall in love. Successful marriage.

Picnic at the park

This is one of our favorite go-to activities, especially since the weather has been getting nicer. It allows all of us to get out, it’s not expensive, and we can all take time to talk and enjoy each other’s company. It has the added benefit of wearing the children out when they go running around.

Family movie night

We don’t do this too often. We have struggled to find movies that both adults and children enjoy watching. However, it’s a fun way to have the kids sit down with snacks and practice quiet time so that mom and dad can snuggle and laugh over a ridiculous movie plot line.


This might not be a specific date idea, but it is a fun idea for getting everyone out of the house. You can add the picnic idea to this date and make a day of it. It has multiple benefits including worn out children, exercise, fresh air, excuse to buy food for everyone, and it allows the family to connect with each other.

Take a walk

We live in the city, so it can be quite easy for us to plan a walk around the block for grabbing drinks or getting out to enjoy the weather. Sometimes we will drive out towards the city center and walk around the shops. We also live near a river, which allows us to enjoy nature right near a big city.

Romantic evening

This type of date idea has become our go-to since we have four children and not a lot of money to spare. This type of date includes waiting until the kids go to bed so that you can enjoy some quiet time with each other. It might include a lack of sleep for each of you , but the re-connection is worth it. Now that our youngest child is two, we don’t have to plan for extra late nights. However, this option allows for multiple possibilities and convenience.

Date ideas are fun to think about but much harder to implement. You have to plan for ALL of you, not just two of you.

I wish I could trust people easier with my kids so that we could hire a babysitter but I’m just not comfortable with that for now. Therefore, we plan around the kids or we incorporate the children into our plans.

If this is your problem as well, then these date ideas might save you some sanity.

Let me know in the comments what you do for fun to stay sane while raising children!

Dating Your Spouse After Children

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