How to Design a Peaceful Home Office That Will Improve Your Productivity

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I have been a work at home mom for 3 years now. I have noticed an important factor that comes into play when I am working in my office. When you love where you are, you will enjoy what you are doing.

Even if I am completing some boring research or I am writing something that needs to be done but my heart isn’t in it, I am happier doing it in my office.

Having a clean and organized home office improves productivity and it helps keep you focused while you work.

Some items are a requirement when you work from home to make it easier for you to get your work completed:

A computer, whether that is a PC or a laptop (I grabbed this Lenovo this year and LOVE it!)

A printer and it should have scanner and fax capabilities

An assortment of pens and paper (I recommend these pens and these notepads)

Some notebooks for record keeping (I like these notebooks because they are cheap and easy to use!)

A place to put your trash (I like this trashcan because it has the foot pedal for lifting the lid. It’s a lifesaver!)

Some type of area for storing your office supplies (This stylish desk organizer is so cute!)

An Internet connection

A phone

A work space or desk and a comfy chair (A comfortable office chair is a must!)

A paper shredder to get rid of confidential documents (I love my paper shredder)

A clock (I like to have one separate from my cell phone and computer. This alarm clock does more than keep the time!)

A calendar (I also like to keep a separate one from my cell phone and computer)

If you work from home, you must create an environment that will help you feel focused.

Work from home. Create a home office environment to help you focus and be productive. Enjoy your home office. Decorate your home office.

Here are some suggestions for creating a home office where you can focus on work and enjoy your setting.

Creating a Peaceful Office Setting

Use color to define an area.

Select a soothing color scheme. Blue may be the most obvious choice, but there are plenty of tranquil hues including rose or earth tones. In fact, you can probably find a soft shade in any of your favorite colors. Save more dynamic tones for accent pieces.

Maximize your space.

If space is at a premium, look for furniture that doubles as storage and seating. Take advantage of wall space by installing shelves and hooks. Strategically placed mirrors can open up any room, and careful furniture placement will make things feel less cramped.

Think outside the box! Use small dishes as storage containers to cheer up your surroundings. Find some cute storage bins to hold your paper and other office supplies. Grab some cute notepads for writing and place them on your desk.

Light up your office.

If you can, place your work space in an area with a lot of natural light. You won’t need so much lighting and you can work while you enjoy some sunlight. It will also minimize eye strain if you use natural light.

Introduce some fragrance.

If you have windows for natural light, try some easy-care plants like lavender or mint. Aromatic oil diffusers are also simple to use and long lasting. Scents such as chamomile, frankincense, marjoram, and sage are known for their calming and centering qualities. When you need something more invigorating, try lemon or wintergreen.

I love working from home and setting my own schedule. Since I work from home, I wanted to set up my home office to be a space that I truly enjoyed. I believe that an office space at home should be peaceful and you should enjoy being in your home office. Otherwise you won't want to go to your office and you won't be productive!

Add personal touches.

Create a signature style that is all you! The style that you follow, the products that you purchase, and the feel of the room need to speak to you. Does your home office feel unique to you?

Spread around some treasured photos or vacation souvenirs. Post inspirational sayings or keep a book of favorite quotations on hand.

Getting Organized:

Create a clean working space for your office. Use your office space wisely. Use storage space to keep your home office clutter free.

Banish clutter.

Plan for sufficient filing and storage space to help you keep clutter under control. Go paper-free whenever possible. Regularly sort through your materials for things you can discard or archive.

If your home office will really be used as an office (where you go to get work done) then you will need to work on some type of storage area. Will you have a library wall? Do you have a ton of office supplies that will need someplace to be kept before you need them? If you won’t have a large amount of supplies that need stored, then you can focus on other aspects of your home office.

If you are really crammed for space, remember to use your walls! Add some floating shelves to your office.

Clean regularly.

Nobody likes to work in a cluttered area! My focus goes down and I don’t seem to really get any work done when my desk space is messy.

Vacuum and dust every two to four days. Clear dishes and water bottles from your work space. Make sure that you file your paperwork or get rid of it so that it isn’t taking up essential work space.

Do a thorough cleaning at least once a month. This will help protect you from germs and create a more hospitable environment.

Clear your work area. Your home office work space must be able to allow you to focus. Use plants and other minimal items to decorate but don't let the decorations distract you.

Separate your personal and business activities.

Is your home office primarily a work space for you to grab some quiet time while you get work done? Are you using the room for extra storage? Remember to keep this in the back of your mind as you decorate your home office. How will you be using the room?

When you work from home, it’s helpful to create boundaries to keep your life in balance. Keep distractions like laundry out of the office, and office items such as files out of the rest of the house. This will help you to focus and will also reduce the risk of losing things.

Minimize interruptions.

Some people may have trouble understanding that you’re busy when you’re at home. Let your family and friends know the hours when you need to minimize calls or other interruptions. Resist the temptation to check email too frequently and put your phone on voice mail when you need some quiet time.

Dual Purpose Home Office

Use one area of your home for two purposes. Use the kitchen table as a work space when you aren't eating. Use the counter space for a work area and keep it clear of clutter. Create a separate work space in your home to increase your productivity.

Home offices can have a dual purpose. How can you use the office space when it isn’t being used specifically for work? Or, how can you create a work space environment if you have no extra room for an office?

Remember to think creatively when you are trying to find some extra space for work. Try rearranging your living room to include a desk. Or use part of the table or a corner of the counter for some space for an extra chair and a laptop.

Give yourself a break.

When you set your own schedule, you need to plan your own breaks. You’ll be more effective at work if you stay active and refresh your mind. Go to the gym before you settle down to work in the morning. If you find yourself working long hours, pick one afternoon to take off and see a movie.

These ideas for maximizing your home office space are simple and easy to implement. Take some of these ideas and put them to use in your home office!

Once you have all of these essentials for your home work space, you will be ready to go!

Comment below and let me know what you do with your office space!

How to Design a Home Office. Create a home office space that brings you peace and allows you to work and be productive. These simple tips will give you inspiration and are super easy to add to your already hectic day. Check out the products I use and recommend for a home office.

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