How I Keep Up on Housework as a Work From Home Mom

Working from home while I raise our children is a blessing I will never be able to repay. I knew from the time I was a little girl that if/when I ever had children, I wanted to be home at least while they were young. My mother stayed home with my sister and I and it was a real blessing to be able to come straight home after school and to have her around while we grew up.

However, working from home AND raising kids at the same time doesn’t always equal out to a dreamy day does it? The chores pile up while you work, the noise level can become unbearable, and the amount of interruptions that are dealt with on an hourly basis can be chaotic at the best of times. 

What I want to focus on in this article are ways to keep up on the mountain of cleaning and chores that need to get done day by day. It can seem like a daunting task but if I don’t keep up on household chores, it stresses me out and I end up losing my motivating if the house is messy.

Tips to make cleaning easier when you never leave the house

These tips for easily cleaning your house will hopefully present some new solutions to old problems for keeping up on housework.

I order my day into blocks of time and  I focus on the little things first, which then add up and I feel like most of the to do list got done. 

How I schedule my day into time blocks

I schedule out the majority of my day so that I know what needs to get done and what I need to be focusing on. This really eliminates a LOT of stress. 

Morning time for me is my most productive time. I have a clear mind and I am really focused. That’s when I will do most of my writing. I leave off chores until later in the day for that very reason. 

Afternoons are all about getting ready for dinner (my husband works night shift so we focus on getting him ready for work and sending him off during this time too). We will complete whatever house chores need to be done. 

Evening is more about slowing down and taking time to rest. If I can snag an extra hour or two for writing/social media I will do it. Since over half of the week I am alone in the evenings, I am extra mindful to that fact and I try hard not to stress out over the smaller details that may have been missed during the day.

Little ways I keep up on housework:

Focus on one area at a time

Do the dishes need to be done? Do I need to catch up on laundry? Whatever area needs some extra work, that’s where I will start. For more focus, I put headphones in and listen to some music while I clean. It’s a great distraction! 

Enlist the older kids for help (trade one task for another task)

I don’t believe that kids have to help with all of the chores for the home, but I do think they need to learn to help out. If I need extra chores done and I can’t get to them, I will trade dishes for something else. Usually they will ask for some extra money in exchange for extra chores.

If I’m behind on chores, I will have them sweep and mop or vacuum. They take out trash. It’s a rule that their bedroom and bathroom have to be cleaned at least once a day. This really helps since I still have to do the majority of the cleanup for the younger two kids. 

Don’t strive for perfection

While my dream in life is to have a clutter-free home, it’s just not going to happen, especially with little kids in the house. It’s stressful for me to not have every little part of the home cleaned but sometimes that’s just what happens. I’ve put more focus into maintaining the core of the home and accepting that sometimes the house just won’t be spotless. 

Don’t try to get everything done in one time frame

I am a fan of the “set a timer and clean one area” idea. For myself, I set up a period of time and try to get as much done as possible. Most of the time, I start cleaning and the timer goes off and I decide to keep cleaning. I love a clean house. It de-stresses me and it allows me to focus on something if I am struggling with patience. 

I hope these tips have helped you figure out how to balance housework while being a stay at home mom and a work at home mom. I have struggled with juggling the many different aspects of motherhood and I finally decided that I needed to become more organized and intentional about my daily habits. 

Comment below and let me know what your struggles are with housework when you are working from home! What are some tips you have for other mothers? I love to chat! 

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