Having Fun Planning Outdoor Entertainment in the Summer

It’s summer time! This means that there is plenty of good weather to go around. It’s SO tempting to plan a get-together with friends and family. However, there should be SOME planning that goes into an event.

Our family is planning different trips this summer to enjoy the outdoors and have some family time.

Here are some ideas for having fun, enjoying friends and family, and not going crazy while planning an event.

Setting Up Your Backyard for Entertaining

You can still have a party if you have a small backyard. It is possible to have friends and family over to entertain and they will love how you have set your place up.

Here are some ideas for you for entertaining guests in your backyard.


You don’t need to buy everything. You can rent items such as tables and chairs. You can even rent serving pieces.


Be sure to choose a theme for your party. This will allow the people invited to know what kind of party it is and what they should wear or bring along. The theme would include such things as what colors you will be using, what food you will have available, and activities will be available.


You can rent decorations too! Or, you can choose to home make your décor as well. Items such as the furniture and the setting can be used for simple but tasteful decorations.


You can cater your food, which might be easiest. Or, you can choose to plan ahead and make the food for your entertainment. Some restaurants will help cater or deliver food for you.

Areas for Eating, Seating, and Restrooms

Remember that your guests will want to have certain areas set up and pointed out to them. For instance, where everyone will have access to a restroom is essential for a party. Also, areas for sitting down and relaxing and eating are also important.

Backup Plan

Keep an eye on the weather! It would be best to have a plan just in case the weather changes unexpectedly. You can have the event moved indoors to your house, you can stay outside in the rain and enjoy yourselves, or you can move the event to a different location.

It’s so important to have a plan in place for entertaining. Things like the food, the place, the furniture, and activities should be planned ahead. Make sure that you know the people you are inviting so that you know what to plan for when it comes to what everyone will be preferential towards.

Decorating Ideas for Backyard Entertaining

One of the most fun parts of entertaining is decorating! Decorating the outdoors is different but it can be easier than decorating your house. Nature can be used to its full advantage.

How to Serve the Food

Food can be a decoration if you choose serving pieces that match your theme. Design your tables with the food and the serving pieces and make sure everything matches the theme you chose.

How Guests will Communicate

Parties are for eating, having fun, and communicating with each other. You should be creative when you set up your eating area and tables. You can have a long table so that everyone will be sitting close together. Round tables are also good for getting smaller groups of people to engage with each other.

Traffic Flow

Make sure your activity area doesn’t get in the way of people who are eating or relaxing. Also, be sure that your different activities don’t get in the way of each other either.

Start Small

Only plan for a small amount of decorations to begin with. Once you get going, then you can add more if you really feel like the entertainment area needs more.


You should know all of your guests. Keep health issues in mind. Have plenty of sitting area for everyone. Also, have easy to traverse walkways for those who have a hard time getting around.

Decorations should be fun! Keep these things in mind and you and your guests will have a marvelous time!

Things to Remember When Hosting an Event

When you host an event with family and friends, it can be easy and casual. There are still some things to consider about being outside and ensuring that everyone is comfortable.


If there are a lot of bugs, remember to buy some bug spray or some candles that deter bugs. If you have a fire pit, the smoke will also help keep bugs at bay.


Keep an eye on the weather. If it’s cool in the evening, make sure your guests have some area to stay warm. If it’s hot in the day, make sure to have plenty of cool drinks on hand. Be ready to go inside if the weather changes suddenly.


If you don’t want kids invited, be sure to let your guests know ahead of time. If kids are fine, find a babysitter to keep them entertained while the adults have fun. Have easy kid foods ready like pizza. Also, have a kid event or two ready for them to keep themselves busy.

Having an event with friends is easy. You can plan it out and make sure that everyone enjoys themselves. If everyone wants, guests can bring their own food and drinks if there are picky eats or specialty requests.

The best therapy in the world is time with your friends. How to plan for entertaining outdoors in the summer.

Keeping Kids Entertained

Sometimes, keeping kids entertained during an event can be challenging. Kids can be hyper and they tend to need more space to have fun. There are also danger areas like pools that can cause adults to worry.

Hire helpers

Get some older children or an adult to watch the kids for the duration of the event. You can hire a certified babysitter so that the kids can have fun and someone responsible is looking after them.

Make Plans

Determine the age range for the kids coming and plan events that the kids will actually be interested in. Also, plan for more snacks and drinks that are different from the adult food choices.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Kids will cry and throw fits whether the event is great or not. They tend not to care about where they are or who is around them. Kids get tired and hungry easily. Just go with the flow and everything will be fine.

Safety First

Have a first aid kit nearby as well as some DEET for bugs. Grab a nice tent so the kids have their own play area out of the sun and weather.

Remember, younger kids tend to have a much smaller attention span than older kids. Have plenty to keep the kids entertained and busy.

Hopefully, these ideas will help get you some ideas of what to do and what to plan for. These aren’t concrete ideas but are meant to get the ball rolling for how you want to plan your event and what you want to do with food and activities.

Let me know in the comments what you guys are doing for summer!

How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Event for Family

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