Easy Time Management Tips to Boost Productivity For Your Day

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

William Penn

As a work at home mom, time management is the key to my success.

I have so many different projects pulling me in separate directions that it can become overwhelming!

There are some simple tips that will help you to manage your time! They are incredibly easy to add into your already hectic day as well.

I find that the multiple-step methods can be a bit over the top for me since I have so many things that I work on over a 24 hour time period.

These easy time management tips are useful and can be implemented in your daily activities to boost productivity.

Double Check Your Work

Turn Off the TV

Complete Your Most Important Tasks First

Schedule Around Your Energy Levels

Wake Up Earlier

Keep a Time Diary

Make Use of Waiting Time

Make a List and Complete It

Ditch Commitments that Waste Your Time and Energy

Be Decisive

Cross Something Off Your To-do List

Lighten Your Cleaning Standards

Establish Maintenance Days

Schedule Your Work in Batches

Combine Errands

Shorten Your Emails

Delegate or Outsource

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Schedule Less

Stop Multitasking

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

The Pomodoro Technique (use a timer and take breaks)

Two-minute rule (if something is under 2 minutes to complete, just do it)

Break Your Day up Into Time Slots

Break Up Your Day by MUST, SHOULD, WANT

Schedule no business days

Once a week check in on progress

Plan for interruptions

Shrink your deadlines to work faster

Have a cut-off time


Fuel Yourself

Get enough Sleep

Have a Plan

Take 5 Minutes Before Any Task/Call to determine what you want to attain

Review your past week/month

Learn to say no effectively


End your day on a high note

Use a calendar

Set a maximum of 3 priority tasks per day

Write down forgettable moments/thoughts

Set out visual reminders

Enhance skills

Reward yourself

Hopefully these ideas will give you some clarity for managing time. I use many of these in my day to day life and they have helped immensely.

Put them to good use to increase productivity and success!

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