Creative Ideas to Celebrate the Halloween Spirit with Family

Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day.

Shira Tamir

The beginning of the fall season is usually marked by Halloween. Many people use this as an opportunity to begin decorating for fall. Our family LOVES to decorate! I tend to decorate in a cute and non-scary kind of way for Halloween. I love pumpkins, candles, and brightly-colored leaves.

The following decorating tips provide family-friendly Halloween decorations that aren’t too scary but are great for this season.

Create a Pumpkin Fairy Garden

If you have kids (especially girls), they will really enjoy this decoration! It can even be a craft the family creates together. Instead of putting the fairy garden in a large bowl or pot, you will instead use a pumpkin. Since real pumpkins go bad, it is best to find a large plastic pumpkin that you would be able to put the items into.

What you want to do is have the garden inside the pumpkin but be able to see it. For this, you would cut out a section of the front of the pumpkin and set up your fairy garden there. (I looked for a pumpkin that already had a hole in it. It can be difficult to cut into a plastic pumpkin.) You can get a fairy figurine and decorate her in little witch clothing, then add some small pumpkins to create what looks like a little fairy pumpkin patch.

Make Yard Signs

A fun way to decorate your yard or the front of your house for Halloween is by making yard signs. These should be the names of different Halloween places with arrow-shaped signs, as if they are showing where these spooky places are. Have things like ‘Halloween Town’, ‘Bates Motel’, ‘Transylvania’ and anywhere else you and your kids want to make signs for. Stick them on stakes in your yard or attach them to a large tree in front of your house.

Place Ghosts in the Front Yard

There are a few different options for making ghosts you can put in your front yard. The first option is to get wire and create forms with it. This is more of a creative challenge, so maybe the kids can help as well. You just want a simple wire form of a body. You can then put a large white dress on the form, such as one you find at a thrift store, or any type of white fabric. It makes it look like ghosts are just floating.

An easier way is to simply get plastic pumpkins and attach them to stakes in the yard. Cover the entire thing with an old white sheet, and your ghost is done. We have also done stakes as well. A fun addition to this would be to add lighting underneath the fabric to light the ghost up.

Family-Friendly Games for a Halloween Party

When you are planning your Halloween party, don’t forget to choose some fun games! This allows you to have a family-friendly party for kids and keep them entertained. These are very simple games that require minimal items.

Mummy Wrap

All you need for this game is either a few rolls of toilet paper, some white fabric, or white crepe paper. It is a fun and easy game that doesn’t require spending a lot of money. When you get stuck inside due to rain on Halloween night, or you want to have fun with the kids during your Halloween bash, it is perfect!

For the Mummy Wrap game, take the group of people playing and split them up into two teams. One person on each team will be wrapped, and the others will wrap him or her. Set a timer and the team that manages to cover their mummy first wins the game. You can also add to it by having the mummy run to a finish line to win.

For cleanup, provide the kids with a reward so that you aren’t the one stuck with picking up a ton of toilet paper! I like to bribe my kids with extra Halloween treats if they clean up the messes we make with crafts and games.

Bob for Apples

This is a fun apple-bobbing game, but with a twist. You are going to get a large bucket or bin to put the water and apples in first. Put all green apples, but one red apple. The red apple is going to be the ‘poison’ apple from the Evil Queen. Everyone playing is blindfolded and will be bobbing for apples. The twist is that the winner is the one who manages to get the poisoned red apple.

Skeleton Race

You can also play a little relay race in your backyard before it gets dark on Halloween. To make it themed for Halloween, you are going to have a skeleton race. What you are going to do is make two large skeletons with the same number of bones. They should fit on large pieces of cardboard. Two teams will need to run to the other side of the yard to grab one bone at a time, return it to the cardboard, and tape it up in the right spot. They keep going back and forth until the firs team with a finished skeleton wins the relay.

Pin the Wart

Here is an alternative to the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. You need a large printout of a witch, but you can just use the face of a witch. Tape it up on the wall or a door in your home and have kids try one at a time to pin (use tape) their printout of a wart onto the witch. Have the target be right on the tip of the witch’s nose.

These games and decorations are fun ways to get the whole family to join in on decorating the house and spending quality time together. Our family makes a point to spend the holiday season having fun and taking a break from the stress that is usually found this time of year.

Comment below and let me know what your family does to create entertainment for autumn and Halloween!

creative ways to celebrate Halloween with family

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