Spring Cleaning: The Idea of Minimalism

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We have finished our cleaning series! We have gone through the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the office.

I LOVE a clean house! It motivates me to get other things done. And I don’t feel so stressed out when I let other things slide.

I wanted to address one quick topic before we move on to other areas.

I read a book last year that has changed the way I clean the house and the way that I shop.

It’s called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s by Marie Kondo.

This book has completely altered the way I view owning things.

While I haven’t completed decluttered my house, I no longer buy decorations or other household items unless I truly need them or want them.

This book has introduced some concepts for my life that I wanted to share with you.

Spring cleaning. Add minimalism to your life. The idea of minimalism

Finding a place for everything

I HATE clutter so this tip is a key one for me to follow. One of the ideas Marie brings up is that every single thing that is in your house needs a place to stay when it is not being used.

This is a novel concept for me. However, it allows me to have an easier time cleaning because each item has a spot to be put.

However, since we live in a small apartment and there are six of us, this concept only works so well. There are many, many needs for us that just have to stay.

However, I like this idea that in order to buy something or keep something around, you must find a specific spot for it to stay.

Clean counters

As you already know, I hate clutter and disorganization. I like her idea here that all countertops and desktops should be clear of everything but essentials.

Since we have a small living space, I have used this only with my desk and our kitchen table.

I like our table to be clear so that we can eat at it or I can work at the table.

I also prefer to have my desk clear since it allows me to work better.

Keep your home for living, not storage

This idea is a beautiful one. It has allowed me to sit down and think about what we REALLY need verses what we have simply become attached to or used to having around.

No one likes to be stepping over things or moving things around to complete tasks.

I remember this mantra when I am cleaning up toys (anything they aren’t using) or when I am trying to find a spot for something that I don’t really use.

It’s also useful to say to yourself as you are going through your closets.

Keep what brings you joy

I like that she included this as part of the art of minimalism. There are certain things I have kept simply because I have too much love for them to ever get rid of it.

I have a giant rock collection that I have kept since I was little. The rocks remind me of different trips I have taken. While the rocks may take up a LOT of room, I wouldn’t consider getting rid of them.

I also have lots of odds and ends around that are sentimental to me. They bring back good thoughts when I see them. A water fountain, special gifts that mean more to me even though they aren’t quite useful, or an entire extra dish set that was a wedding gift that we really only use on special occasions.

These four concepts have been slowly implemented through my life over the last year and it has brought me joy to see a cleaner home and happier lives.

Let me know in the comments below whether you agree or disagree with minimalism.

The idea of minimalism

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