Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Your Kitchen

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Spring is here! This means that spring cleaning is in full swing!

I find that I work and live better in the house when it is clean. Winter is a time to get cozy. I think spring is the time to work and clean!

I am going to go through the month of April and spring clean! I will be providing a list of items to remember and complete so that our homes can be clean and presentable!

The first area to tackle is my favorite place to be! The kitchen! The kitchen tends to be the hardest area to clean and it can take the longest.

I love cooking, but the deep cleaning can be forgotten about. It’s a little too easy to clean the mess you just made and leave it at that.

So, here are some areas to focus on and deep clean when it comes to spring cleaning your kitchen.

Organize Your Food

Check the labels on your condiments. Throw out old condiments. Throw out old condiments that are less than half full.

Check food in the refrigerator, on counters, in cupboards, and on shelves. Throw away food that can’t be eaten. Put fresh food in the front where you can see it and eat it first.

Clean Kitchen Counters

Clear off your counters. Take your smaller appliances and put them aside. Find space for your spices, fruits, and anything small.

Clean and disinfect your counters when they are clear. When you put items back on the counter, decide which items will be put in cupboards and which items will remain on the counter.

Clean Kitchen Shelving

We have extra shelving that we use for food and dishes. Make sure to clear your shelves off and wipe everything down.

When you begin putting things back on the shelf, sort by type or category. Put all the food together. Put the dishes together, and put them on the higher shelves so that it will be less tempting for kids to reach for them.

Whatever is Broken

While you are going through your kitchen, take note of anything that is broken or chipped. Either set them aside to fix them immediately or throw them away.

If you decide to throw the broken items away, make sure to start of list of what needs replacing.

Clean and Organize Kitchen Tools

Take note of any duplicate tools you have. Decide whether you need more than one of the item.

I have two areas for my kitchen tools. I have a small jar on top of my counter for my tools that I frequently use. I also have a drawer for the rest of my tools.

Clean Kitchen Floors

Make sure to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. Remember to disinfect it as well. Clear out any rugs and clean them too.

Don’t forget to reach around the cupboards and appliances. My most forgotten areas are in-between appliances and counters.

Clean the Microwave

Clean out the interior and exterior of the microwave.

I don’t use a cleaner for the microwave. I use hot water and wipe everything down.

While every kitchen is different, these ideas will help you to sort through what needs to be done and what needs some extra time.

I feel so much better having a clean kitchen! I feel more productive. The kitchen is such a high traffic area of our house, that it tends to need some extra care during spring cleaning.

I hope these ideas have helped you as you prepare to clean your house for spring!

Let me know in the comments what your methods and ideas are for spring cleaning.

How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen


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