Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Your Office

Welcome back to our spring cleaning series! The last three weeks involved deep cleaning the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

This week we will be focusing on the office.

We have an individual room for our office but usually the office might just be a part of a room that is set aside for a desk and other equipment.

Either way, it is an important part of your house that needs to be spring cleaned. If you’re anything like us, then you tend to store important documents on or in your filing cabinet and on your computer.

I will be focusing on both the physical office and the online office. I believe it’s best to spring clean both areas. As such, this will be a much longer post.

So, let’s get down to business!

Spring cleaning. Cleaning your office. Cleaning and organizing.


Sort through bills. Throw away what you don’t need to keep and keep the bills that still need to be paid or stored away.

Go through your paper and sort out any important documents that are just lying around. Put these in a safe space, like a cabinet or safe.

Throw away any garbage paperwork that you have been “saving”. I tend to save ads for a more convenient time but I usually never use them.


Things like headphones, extra cords, pens, notebooks, other loose items. Make sure to find a place for most of these items. Extra shelving can be used or bought to make sure that these extra items have a place to be stored.


Remove the clutter off of the desk.

Wipe down and dust.

I do tend to leave some items on my desk for easy grabbing such as notebooks, pens (I have a pen holder), and other on-a-needed basis.


Sort through the containers and items in the closet.

Throw away the items that are broken, useless, or that you know you won’t use.

Sort through any clothing hung up in the closet. We hang jackets and other winter gear so it doesn’t stack up in our bedroom closet.

Clean the floor before you put the items back in their proper place.


Clear the office floor of clutter and all items that can easily be picked up.


Carpet clean

Your computer


Any documents that are loose or not stored, put in their proper folder.

Create separate folders for different subjects. It might be a lot more work, but it will be a lot easier to find things later if you have folders.

Make sure to delete what you don’t need. While it’s a lot easier to store things in your computer, it is important to delete items that you have no interest in or will never use.


Have a separate folder for all of your photos

Sort photos by date (I sort by year and then month). Then sort by event. This could be a lot of folders but again, it’s easier to find these pictures later if you know where to look.

I tend to delete photos that are blurry or not useful. I keep the good pictures.


Have main folders for important documents and unimportant documents

I have one main folder that includes all important copies of documents (certificates, finances, etc) and I have one folder that includes all non-essential documents (recipes, books, worksheets, etc).

There you have it!

The office seems easy but it can take a while to go through the paperwork and the computer documents.

Out of all of my household chores for spring cleaning, the computer goals take the longest and I avoid them the most frequently.

It’s an easy list to remember but it can take a while to sort through the documents.

(If you’re like me, you save almost everything and decide that you need everything that you saved).

I take care of this by creating separate folders for every subject and going through the documents when I have some extra time.

This is a good event to plan when you are chilling in the evening and want something to do while you watch TV.

While the office spring cleaning is tedious and it can take the longest out of all of the rooms in your house, it can be the most important room to have in order.

Emergencies tend to come up unexpectedly and you will want to know exactly where your important information is.

There have been many times where we need our certificates or insurance cards and we have to spend extra time looking for the right folder for that information.

Let me know in the comments what ideas or problems you may have with office cleaning!

How to Deep Clean Your Office

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