Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Your Bedrooms

Part 2 of our spring cleaning for the month of April! Last week we focused on the kitchen. This week we will be focusing on the bedrooms.

My favorite area to be is the kitchen, but I prefer having a clean bedroom to sleep in.

I have two different methods for cleaning bedrooms.

My children have two bedrooms that they share. They have more clutter in their bedrooms than I do in my bedroom.

I have more furniture in my bedroom.

My method for the kid’s rooms are to lessen clutter and sort through their things. I hesitate to throw away toys unless they are missing parts or broken. I have bought containers for the kids to use to put their toys away.

We don’t have a play room, so we have designated areas for toys to be when they aren’t being played with.

My room has less clutter, but I have more clothing than the kids do. My main role each year for spring cleaning is to sort through my clothes and get rid of what I don’t want or don’t wear. If it bothers me to get rid of a piece of clothing, I will decide to replace it with something I will wear. This allows me to go shopping (which I love!) and it keeps my closet fresh and full of items that I will actually use.

I still have my wedding dress that I have only worn once. I don’t want to get rid of it, but I won’t wear it again. I might save it for one of my girls to wear if they wish. This is a clothing item that I will save but won’t wear again.

So, let’s get to it!

Adult Rooms

I break down cleaning between the children’s bedrooms and our bedroom. (We also have an office, which I will cover in another post).



Sort through what fits and doesn’t fit and toss what you aren’t wearing. If you can’t decide in the moment, use the coat hanger trick. Turn all of your hangers around so that they are facing backwards. In six months, check to see which clothes you have worn and which clothes you have avoided.


Go through your shoes and stack them neatly. (Mine are usually thrown/tossed on the floor). Consider buying a shoe rack so that shoes aren’t everywhere.

Get rid of shoes that are broken or ruined or don’t fit.


Sort through whatever containers and items you have on your shelves. Consider throwing away what you aren’t using.


Go through each individual drawer of your dresser.

Make sure to fold your clothing and sort through socks and underwear.

Get rid of any clothes that don’t fit or need replaced.


Clear out your nightstands. Find a place for every item that doesn’t belong there (dishes, garbage, miscellaneous items). I tend to keep books, journals, papers, and essentials on my nightstand.

Remember to clear off your nightstand and wipe it down.


Change the sheets and blankets on your bed. Since it’s spring, it should be warm enough to switch from a heavy comforter to a lighter top blanket.

Wash your sheets and blankets. I LOVE the smell of fresh laundry.


Clear out the floor of your bedroom.

Go over the carpet at least twice with a vacuum. If you have hard floors, then make sure to sweep and mop.

Spring cleaning is a good time to plan carpet cleaning. It’s nice to have fresh, clean carpets to walk on.

Kid Rooms

Now we start on the kid’s rooms! We have two of them and this routine is followed for each individual room. I will have the older children help me with these chores.


Change the sheets and blankets of the beds.

Wash sheets and blankets and pillows.


Clear off the floor.

Vacuum thoroughly. I prefer to do it two times.

Carpet clean the floor. Since it’s the kid’s rooms, I will go over the carpet twice.


Sort and fold through clothes in the dresser.

Get rid of anything that has rips or doesn’t fit. Make a list of summer clothes that the kids need.


Go through all containers and sort through blankets, bags, and others. I also keep extra blankets and sheets in the kid’s closets and I will sort through these as well.

Clean and vacuum the floor of the closet.

Check the shoes. Throw away any that don’t fit or need replaced.

Toy Containers

Go through ALL toys in their bedrooms. Make no exceptions for toys that are broken. If it’s a favorite toy, write down a reminder for yourself to pick up a newer toy. (I only do this for toys that the kids are constantly playing with and don’t forget about).

Check to make sure that the kids have at least one designated area to put toys away. It’s hard for kids to know where to put their toys when they are told to clean up. I have several containers in their room specifically for toys.

And that’s it!

It’s tedious, but I prefer having clean bedrooms. We have three bedrooms that need a deep spring clean once a year.

My trick is to make sure that I don’t do this only once a year!

The fun part about spring cleaning is that you don’t need to wait until spring to complete it.

I tend to pick one room a month and go through it. This way, I can keep up on deep cleaning that needs to be done while still maintaining the house.

I hope this has helped you to gain an idea of where to start and what to complete while you are spring cleaning your bedrooms.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas!

How to Deep Clean Your Bedrooms

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