An Easy Bedtime Trick for Your Kids that WORKS!

I’m just a girl…standing in front of a clock…asking for it to be my child’s bedtime.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

The sun has set and dinner is finished. You are trying to clean up the kitchen and dining room.

However, it has become an IMPOSSIBLE task. Your children are running back and forth in between the living room and the dining room.

5 minutes later they are zoned out in front of the TV and you think MAYBE you can get a little work in while they are quiet.

BAM! 60 seconds later, your kids have somehow managed to make the living room look like a war zone.

Then, they start fighting with each other and want you to solve it….

You try your best, but you can’t seem to convince them that it’s time to settle down and get ready for bed.

It takes you OVER AN HOUR to even get the kids in pj’s with their teeth and hair brushed. Then it takes ANOTHER hour to get them into their beds.

And then the REAL fun begins. Suddenly, your kids become starving and dehydrated. 

They also think that they haven’t had enough hugs and kisses to suit a lifetime of affection. 

Does this sound like you?

It was me! This was my routine every night for almost 6 years! I have four kids and they have all done this on some level or another. 

It took me over 6 years to finally find something that WORKS for us to keep the kids entertained and calm during our evening routine.

Imagine having your kids playing quietly while you read a novel or have an ACTUAL conversation with your spouse.

I work off of a simple method that allows you to control the type of evening you and your family has.

My simple trick to getting a better reaction to bedtime: less technology!

We used to be a family that ate dinner around the TV. (And to be honest, sometimes we still do).

But now if we watch anything, it happens earlier in the evening.

This way, we can have family entertainment AND still have a technology free bedtime routine.

I can’t believe how well it works!

My kids tend to stare at the screen and that makes it really hard for them to hear me.

By not having technology be a part of our evening, we have had time to start other habits, like reading! We spend more time picking out pajamas. Bedtime doesn’t feel like a struggle anymore.

Want more tips?

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Create a bedtime routine for kids that works

The guide goes over bedtime problems and bedtime solutions. I also give you a glimpse into our new bedtime routine that we have been using!

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Simple Bedtime Solutions For An Easier Bedtime With Your Kids

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A Simple Bedtime Routine that Works for Putting Your Kids to Bed Easily

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