A Gift Guide For Everyone in Your Family

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Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Family

The holidays are almost upon us!

How is your shopping going?! Are you like me? I usually have a TON of ideas….right up until 3 months before Christmas when every single idea seeps out of my brains and I’m left with NO ideas.

Top Gift Ideas for Men

Gift ideas for fathers and husbands tend to be a bit trickier. I find that I either know exactly what I want to get my husband or I really can’t figure anything out. Here are some great gift ideas for men that will help you out!

3-Piece Decanter Set

This gorgeous decanter set is a perfect gift for a man in your life. It is modeled after old-fashioned glasses with a checkered design. They are solid pieces of glassware. My husband loves having his own set of glassware that he can call his own.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

My husband LOVES the new technology that has been coming out lately. He also likes knowing that his family is safe. This video doorbell allows you to see and speak with the people at the door from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet. It also lets you monitor your home around the clock.

Fleece Hoodie

My husband’s favorite accessory to wear during the cold weather season has to be a sweatshirt! This fleece hoodie is comfortable and soft. It is also a heavyweight fabric that will actually keep you warm while you are out in the cold weather.

Beard Grooming Kit

This beard kit from Ulta provides a guy with everything he needs to take care of his beard! It comes with a beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, and a beard comb. This is a great gift for a man who loves his beard and wants to take care of it.

Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are a favorite of my husband. They give him ample room to store his items while he’s traveling and they allow him to carry his stuff in as few bags as possible. This duffle bag is made with high-quality fabric and it is stylish. It has a TON of room and it also has a compartment for shoes.

Timex Black Gold Miami Watch

This black and gold Timex watch would make a gorgeous gift for any man in your life. It is a sturdy watch (important for men!) and it is a chronograph watch. It is also water resistant which is a giant plus!

Top Gift Ideas for Woman

Are you having trouble coming up with gift ideas for the women in your life? These ideas will help give you some answers!

Mini Zen Garden Kit

This is so adorable! I have bought several types of these for friends and family and they love them! They are small zen gardens that you can play with and decorate how you want. They make amazing gifts.

Professional Food Chopper

I have one of these and they are SO nice! I HATE cutting onions and this chopper is a blessing! I can have my chopped onions and I won’t have to cut the onion myself. It’s a beautiful design. For a tip, just remember to only put PART of the veggie in the chopper, otherwise the chopper tends to get stuck.

Salvatore Ferragamo Sunglasses

These oversized sunglasses are a beauty! They are feminine and fashionable for a great price. I adore the colors with the gold and pink mixing quite well. Perfect to protect your eyes from the bright sun!

Ulta Beauty Favorites Kit

Who doesn’t love makeup?! I love all the deals and collections from Ulta. This kit has fan favorites from the Ulta collection including some of my all-time favorites. The Ulta Beauty Illuminator and the Ulta Beauty Juice Infused Lip Oil are a few of my go-tos.

Oversized Knit V-Neck Sweater

I LOVE sweaters. And I LOVE oversized sweaters even more! I find sweaters to be more comfy if they are oversized. This sweater is a gorgeous design and it is SO soft! The color selections are great too.

Stone Cold Fox Austin Boot

I have an obsession for boots. I love the heels, the leg coverage, the styles, EVERYTHING! These boots have style, a decent heel, and they are so easy to walk in.

Ideas for Younger Children

Younger children can be quite easy to purchase gifts for. My younger kids are quite pleased with any gift they receive. However, these gift ideas will be a hit with any kid!

Pop-It-Up Dino Play Tent

Do your kids LOVE to play with forts and mess up your living room? This pop up tent will give them their own fort and your house won’t be littered with blankets and chairs. My kids LOVE their tent. It gets played with all the time and it’s a fun way to allow your kids to hide and have their own space.

Think and Learn Rocktopus

This toy is amazing for the younger kids! My son saw it in Target and he couldn’t stop playing with it! It has a ton of different options for play including math, music, and games. The music options are actually songs that my son was dancing to.  This way, your kids can have fun and learn at the same time!

Hatchimals Mystery

Are your kids in this crazy phase of wanting a Hatchimal? My kids can’t get enough of these things! This Mystery Hatchimal will provide a great surprise as you don’t actually know which Hatchimal your child will receive! These Hatchimals also have super fluffy and patterned fur which is kinda cute! Great for the  younger kids!

Ideas for Older Children

My older kids tend to be a bit pickier than the younger kids. They have preferences that can be hard to shop for. These gift ideas for older children will help you pick gifts out.

Crystal Growing Science Experiment

This fun kit for older kids will allow them to learn some science while also having fun. They can grow beautiful crystals and conduct several different experiments with this science kit. The kids can also grow different shapes with their crystals.

Fingerlings Baby Monkey and Mini BFF

Have your kids gotten bit by this obsession with fingerlings? My kids have these and they are OBSESSED. They can’t get enough of these things! This baby monkey with a smaller baby monkey is so cute! I almost want one for myself.

Make Your Own Kinetic Sand

My kids are obsessed with slime. And their favorite pastime is to make their own slime. This slime kit lets kids make their own slime. They can mix and match with colors and texture. You can even add beads or odd items to make your slime pretty.

As you can see, there are a TON of ideas out there! I am giving you some ideas that have been received really well in my family and ideas that have benefited us in one way or another.

Comment below and let me know what you are doing for your family!

Struggling to find gifts for members of your family? This quick guide will give you plenty of ideas for men, women, and children.