A Big List of Easy Kid Craft Ideas That Won’t Make a Mess

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Summer is coming! That means that the kids will be home for pretty much every single day. (Or if you’re like me, you home school and your kids never leave the house anyway).

Either way, it can be a pain to find fun and easy ideas to keep your kids entertained. Some crafts are too messy and some crafts are too much for small kids. I have a wide age range with my kids so it is almost impossible to find craft projects that every single kid is interested in.

I usually have a fun craft project for my younger two kids (2 and 5) and a separate fun craft projects for my older kids (10 and 9). This gives everyone the chance to play and have fun and not be bored with something that isn’t in their age range.

I am sharing several of the crafts that our house finds fun to play with. There is no single age range in this post, these fun projects are for all ages. I even have fun with some of these!

And yes, I do know that play dough is listed as a fun craft project for kids and it can make a mess. But, my kids love it and if you are careful play dough can be a fun craft project for kids.

Foam Craft Projects

Foam is really easy to work with and there are a ton of foam craft ideas that you can purchase. Foam doesn’t rip as easy as paper and there isn’t any worry of paper cuts! Consider making foam masks or cutting out foam animals.

Here are some simple foam craft projects to get you started.

Princess Tiara Foam Project

Foam art craft. Foam princess tiara. Foam art project for girls. Girls princess tiara in foam.

Airplane Foam Project

Airplane foam craft kit. Foam craft project for boys. Easy foam art project.

Bugs Foam Project

Create fun bug outlines. Insects foam crafts. Bug crafts with foam.

Fun foam art creations

Fun foam projects. Foam arts and crafts. Foam crafts to do with your kids. Foam preschool crafts.

Coloring Crafts

Coloring is a simple craft and it’s one art project that you can give to your kids and let them play without worrying about what they are cutting or gluing that they shouldn’t be.

Here are some of my favorite crafts to have fun coloring.

Crayola Super Art Kit

Crayola Coloring Kit. Crafts for coloring. Supplies for coloring fun for kids. Super art kit.

Make It Yourself Window Designs

Make it yourself window designs. DIY Stained glass. Fun window designs for kids to make. Color-in stained glass.

DIY Color Your Own Pillowcase

Fun crafts for kids. Pillowcase to color for kids. DIY pillowcase to color. Coloring crafts. Color your own pillowcase.

Color and Cuddle Toy Dog

Color your own stuffed dog. Toy dog to color for fun. Dog to color that is washable. Fun toy dog to color and cuddle.

Play Dough Craft Projects

Play dough is a classic craft project for kids. There are endless ideas on what to do with play dough. I let the younger kids learn to squish and play with the play dough. The older kids like play dough so they can make scenes or different shapes.

Here are some of the different play dough sets that are a ton of fun.

Clay Play Activity Set

Play dough set. Playdough set. Play with clay. Clay set for kids. Clay set with sculpting tools. Clay play activity set.

Play Dough Fun Factory Shape Making Set

Play dough factory set. Shape making set for play dough. Playdough fun set. Play dough for kids.

Play Dough Fun Set

Play dough fun set. Set of tools for play dough. Play dough set for kids. Kids play dough set.

Paper Craft Projects

Paper craft projects are more for older kids. This area includes a book with tutorials for folding and crafting paper into different shapes. Coloring books are always a hit with my kids. And activity books are great ideas when you are on longer trips and want an entertaining book to keep kids quiet and happy.

Paper Craft Tutorials

Paper Craft Tutorials. Crafts for kids. Easy instructions for kids to follow. Paper crafts for kids.

Playful Patterns Coloring Book

Playful Patterns Coloring Book. Coloring book for kids. Fun coloring pages for kids. Fun patterns for kids to color.

Coloring and Activity Book for Girls

Coloring and activity book. Fun coloring book for girls. Kids coloring book. Activity book for kids.

Using the above ideas is a great way to introduce arts and crafts to your kids. Since kids love to learn and absorb new information, crafts are the perfect idea to spark your child’s creative side. All of the ideas provided are quick and easy and allow your kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

A BIG List of Fun Craft Ideas for Kids. Need some inspiration for what to get for your kids? Do you want your kids to stay entertained AND learn at the same time? Check out this HUGE list of craft project ideas for kids. Most of them won't make a mess! There are foam projects, paper projects, coloring supplies, and play dough fun. Go check them out!

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