6 Books that Will Help Mothers Navigate Life

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I am a reader. It’s how I de-stress and it’s one of my favorite ways to learn new information. I have a bookcase full of physical books, I have a Kindle full of e-books, and I also have a Nook account that has a few books in it as well. Needless to say, I am obsessed with reading.

I am going to share with you 6 books that have made a huge difference in my life in the past year. These books all have positive messages and a ton of good information that can be put to use in your life.

The Brave Art of Motherhood: Fight Fear, Gain Confidence, and Find Yourself Again by Rachel Martin

This book is an amazingly inspirational piece for motivating yourself in motherhood. There have been so many times that I have felt alone and defeated. I felt like the chaos was drowning me. This book was a huge part of the reason why I have begun going after what I love and am passionate about. This has also allowed me to become a better wife and mother. Check this book out if you want a powerful motivator for moving forward.

You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

If you ever need a pep talk, read this book! I had heard such great things about this book, so I decided on a whim to buy it. I didn’t even read it until months later and I wish I had read it earlier! Jen writes as if you are sitting right next to her. She speaks truths about myself that I wish I had heard years earlier. If you are struggling with yourself and your confidence, check this book out.

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

Have you watched the TV show Fixer Upper? I think I watched every episode in the span of two months. I just LOVE this show, I love Chip and Joanna. I love their style and their relationship. So, when I heard that they had written a book about their story and how Magnolia came to be, I just had to buy it. It didn’t disappoint. Their personality comes through on the pages and it’s such a warm and inviting story. One item on my bucket list is to go to the Silos and meet Chip and Joanna. Check their book out!

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

I have known about Tim Ferris for years. He’s a big name in the business world and I had previously read his book, the 4-Hour Work Week. When I heard that he was releasing Tools of Titans, I wasn’t that interested. I didn’t think it would be too fun to read a compilation of stories and experiences from other experts. I did happen to buy it as a graduation gift for myself when I graduated college. I am SO glad that I got the chance to read Tim’s book. It is packed full of information and messages that are important for everyone to read. It’s a long read and I read it in chunks. However, it is well worth the time it takes to read the book. Go check it out!

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

This book has been eye-opening for how I view my husband, our marriage, and how I express love for my family. I am so thankful to read this book and receive the information for how my husband views love and affection. This has changed how I think about how I want love shown to me. I am glad to have read about each love language and how each person views them differently. There are six of us in my immediate family and we all express love differently. This book has been a welcome addition for instruction as to how we should be treating each other and expressing our feelings for others. Go check it out!

The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner

Who doesn’t have time for their hobbies and passions?! I have FOUR children, a wonderful husband, and all the responsibility that goes with my family. So where does that leave me? This book gave me so many answers to that question. While my schedule and routine aren’t perfect, The Fringe Hours gave me a blueprint and a reason to begin making time for myself.

There you have it! My Kindle and my bookcase in our house are FULL of books. These 6 ideas are just some samples of the books I have recently read and enjoyed and wanted to share with you. I hope that these book examples will help you decide on your next choice of reading material!

They would also make great gifts for books lovers that you know!

Comment below and let me know if you’ve read any of these books and give me some more choices for my next read!

My list of books that I am reading that I fell in love with. I list books I have read for fun and books I have read for learning. Books for women. Books for mothers.

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