5 Simple Secrets for Keeping Your Home Clean

I have become obsessed with reducing how chaotic and messy our home looks. It’s seriously an addiction. I’ve actually wondered on more than one occasion if I’ve thrown away too much. 

We recently changed up our living room furniture. We threw away SEVERAL pieces of furniture and we bought a few bigger pieces. Honestly, it looks less cluttered just with that simple change. The living room got a face lift and I LOVE it.

However, since we still have kids, it’s been a challenge to keep the new furniture clear of messes. Since I am in love with the recent changes, I’d gone on a cleaning binge to make sure that nothing touches (ha!) my lovely new furniture. 

So, if you’re like me and want to keep your living room tidy, here are a few simple cleaning tips that you may not have considered before! 

Is cleaning a daily habit?

Create a simple routine for cleaning your home. Have a cleaning routine you do every day – such as dishes and laundry. And then create a simple weekly routine to make sure that you keep up on other chores that you may miss.

How often do you clean the blinds or curtains? Do you dust every day? Charting out a simple routine will really help you to know what has been done and what still needs to be cleaned.

Also, remember it’s the simple things that will really help to keep your home clean and less chaotic looking. Make sure to rearrange the living room after it’s been played in. Have toys put away every night. 

Do you know the difference between clean and tidy?

When you clean, what do you focus on? Shiny floors? Making sure the bathroom is sanitized and fresh? While these ARE important, remember that there is a difference between clean and tidy. What difference would clean floors mean if laundry is strewn about and piles of junk papers were all over the counters and table? 

The house will not appear as though it is clean even though you’ve scrubbed. Make sure to “tidy” the home as well. Less clutter even though your floors haven’t been washed in a week will show and your home will appear cleaner. 

Do you have one place where you can shove stuff until a later time?

Like it or not, emergency visits and unexpected occurrences are going to happen. Have a friend visiting but your table is a MESS? Expect a family member to clean a certain area but you find out at the LAST possible minute that they never did it? 

Have ONE spot, perhaps a junk drawer or a part of your closet, that you can shove last minute items that you don’t want out. This will ease your peace of mind and it is a simple solution to needing an area clean. 

Just remember to go back later and clean it out! (VERY important!)

Have you created a habit to clean as something is happening?

It can be easier to clean up as you are doing the action. Wipe down counters as you are cooking. Clean the pots and pans (or at least soak them) right after serving food. Clear the table as soon as people are done. 

This simple cleaning step will help you to keep on top of cleaning the whole house and it won’t seem as though you have a million things to do when you need to clean or something comes up unexpectedly. 

Do you make sure to purchase items deliberately?

Sometimes it can be too much of a burden to constantly clean the many things you own in your home. When that happens, consider living with fewer things. 

Why spend extra time organizing when you could spend the same amount of time once or twice getting rid of what you and your family don’t truly use? Keep your home simplified before it ever becomes too stressful and chaotic for you to keep up with.

I hope these ideas helped you! They are simple but effective cleaning methods that I have begun using in our home. 

Let’s chat below. I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for keeping up while cleaning your home. 

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