5 Insanely Simple Cleaning Hacks I use to keep up on a house filled with kids

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I LOVE having a clean home, but I truly despise cleaning. I feel so stuck most days. The usual chores of keeping a home clean can pile up before I am aware that there is even a need to start cleaning. 

I love a clean kitchen. The living room annoys me if the floor has toys everywhere. Laundry is a never-ending struggle in a house with six people. 

I’m never far from being overwhelmed with chores. I had to come up with a way to fix my never-ending list of chores! Since my love of a clean home far outweighs my distaste for cleaning, I came up with some creative ways to keep up on housework.

Here are 5 absolutely easy cleaning tips that I use to keep up on a house full of family! 

1 – Clean Once a Day

    I sweep through the house once a day, usually in the evening

    Pick up trash

    Do dishes

    Start a new load of laundry

    Pick up anything that looks cluttered

    Keeping up on these simple chores allows me to focus on other projects during the day

2 – Let the kids help

    Give them their own chores

    Bedroom, bathroom, clothes

    Give reward when completed

3 – Grove Collaborative subscription

    Great cleaning supplies

    Pick and choose what I what/ don’t want

    Shipped once a month

4 – Turn on motivating music

    Or a podcast or video

    Just something to keep you entertained/distracted while you clean

5 – Set a timer

    You don’t need to do everything at once

    Set a specific amount of time and stop once the timer goes off

See, it’s easy! Honestly, the hard part is coming up with motivation for getting up from a comfy couch and starting the cleaning process. The only thing that works for me at the moment is that I dislike clutter THAT much. 

I hope this post has helped you immensely! Let me know below what tips you use to keep yourself going while you do housework!

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