4 Ways to Add Work Life Balance to Your Life And Why It Is So Important

It’s the new year! But, I never do resolutions for New Year’s.

However, I heard of one idea for a resolution that I have decided to add to my life.

It involves picking ONE word that will assist you for the WHOLE year. It will guide you with the choices you make.

My word for 2019: flourish!

I chose that one for many reasons. I feel like 2018 was just NOT the year for my family. My husband was injured in January of last year and we have been dealing with those repercussions ALL year.

We also got stuck with the place we have been living for 3 years now. And nobody in the family is really happy with our living arrangements.

So, to inspire me to live a life designed to accomplish some goals this year, my word is flourish! I want every choice (or, let’s be honest, SOME of my choices) to be guided towards making the family productive and happy.

Flourish for me doesn’t just mean that we make a TON of money or buy a new house.

No, it also means choosing more time for balance. I am making 2019 the year for managing our personal lives AND professional lives. I want more structure while at the same time allowing for more freedom.

With that in mind, I want to begin writing about work life balance because it is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Simply because I don’t have it right now!

So, here are 4 VERY important ways to work more balance into our lives!

Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous year by believing. Why Work Life Balance is Important!

Begin to Grow Your Interests

If your life rotates around work, then you miss out on all the different ways to experience life.

Maintaining interest outside of work improves your quality of life and increases your skills, making you well-rounded.

One of the real pleasures of life is learning new things and then sharing those with others.

When you have a balanced life, you have time to investigate fresh ideas and learn skills that you can share, improving other lives as well as your own.

Build Healthy Relationships

No one would claim that the relationships in our lives aren’t important.

It’s nearly impossible to build and maintain healthy, loving relationships when we’re always at work or thinking about work.

I’m SO guilty of this! Even if I say I’m “not working,” my mind will still be thinking about what I could be working on or what I should be doing.

Our bodies and minds aren’t designed to live in isolation or work 24/7.

We all need to take breaks and spend time with people we enjoy being with and who love us.

When we don’t allow room in our lives for building healthy relationships with those we love and care about, we can’t be truly happy and fulfilled.

Remember to Maintain Your Health

All work and no play makes for both short-term and long-term health issues.

Studies show that people who live consistently out of balance have higher rates of health disease, diabetes, and strokes.

That doesn’t even touch the mental health issues that come about by enduring constant stress and extended work hours.

Nothing is more important than your health.

If you don’t have good health, it’s impossible to have a high quality of life. Ignoring your health now will have consequences later on that you won’t be able to ignore.

Work Life Balance Increases Productivity

Your company needs employees who are productive and hard-working. But that doesn’t mean you should be expected to work long hours every week.

You may feel that by staying for unreasonably long hours, you’re contributing a great deal.

But the value of work is undoubtedly inferior since we are built to focus and work for certain amounts of time.

Those employees who maintain a work-life balance are more productive in the office and in life.

These 4 reminders are important to keep in the back of your mind as this year progresses!

I am inspired to FLOURISH this year! This includes better relationships with my family and friends, better health, increasing my productivity when I AM working, and growing my list of hobbies that I want to begin working on outside of work.

Are you choosing a word for the new year? Let’s talk about it!

4 Ways to Add Work Life Balance to Your Life and Why It Is SO Important!

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