4 Simple Tips for a Plant Killer

I’ve lost count at how many plants have come into my possession and then later met with a dismal end. I do not have a green thumb. I’ve had to accept that over the years.

I LOVE plants and flowers. I love growing vegetables and fruits. I love watching flowers grow. I’ve tried for years to successfully have one house plant. The only houseplant I can keep alive with any success is a cactus. 

How I’ve managed to keep my four children alive and fed when they require so much extra work while at the same time killing every single plant that comes into contact with me is a mystery. 

However, I have learned a few different tips and tricks for those of us who don’t have a knack for keeping plants alive and growing but want to have plants around their home! 

So here is some simple advice for people who want to keep houseplants alive in their home but can’t seem to figure out how!  

Don’t sporadically pick your plants

What type of time and commitment are you capable of giving? Are you at home most of the time and capable of taking care of a picky plant that needs some sun but not a ton of sunlight? Don’t just walk into the store and pick up the first plant that catches your eye (guilty!) Read the tags that come with the plant. Know ahead of time what type of plant you are looking for. (Flowering, annual?) There are SO many options! 

Water is not always the answer to a plant’s problem

This is a big problem for me! Leaves wilting? Water it! Dry soil? Water it! Not growing fast enough? Water it! 

In all likelihood though, that might do more harm than good! Plants can drown too, you know. Know what type of soil you are using for your plants. Check on whether the soil has fertilizer or not. Maybe the plant doesn’t have enough room to grow. Always be aware of where your plant is placed in the home (too much sun or not enough sun). 

There are plenty of other solutions to minding your houseplant other than simply watering it. 

Study your plants

This goes along the same lines as not simply picking up whatever plant catches your eye. If you are going to get serious about caring for plants, you need to know what you are doing wrong and what the plant actually needs to thrive and survive. Yes, it is slightly boring and tedious. But my love of having plants in and around the house outweighs whatever boring aspects of studying there might be. 

Know what type of plant you are looking for. Study up on plants that are easy to take care of. Or, take a look at some of the more creative and pretty plants that might peak your interest.

Just remember to do some homework before you go shopping for your next houseplant.

Smothering and neglect are BOTH bad for plants

This is a companion tip to studying your houseplants. Know what type of plant you have and what type of care the plant requires. 

Sometimes plants prefer to be left alone. A little bit of water and sun and they are good to go! Sometimes a plant needs a certain type of soil and to be watered at certain times and they only need so much sunlight. 

Smothering a plant with too much attention and care can do just as much damage as forgetting about your plant for a week. (if I start to notice that I am forgetting to care for my houseplant, I move the plant to a part of the house where I will always see it). 

I hope these tips help you care for your houseplants. I love having plants in the house. It’s nice to care for something that doesn’t whine and cry when I give it water!

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