Is Laundry Overwhelming You? Use These 4 Simple Tips to Help with Laundry Chaos

With six of us in the house, our laundry situation can be a bit chaotic. I struggle on the best days to keep up with our seemingly never-ending piles. On the worst days, laundry sits in the hampers we have and it never gets done. Laundry seems to be that chore that gets ignored until we absolutely NEED something that is dirty.

I’ve noticed over the past few years that there are a few things that can help with the problem of laundry being either forgotten or never done. These simple tips to getting laundry done are easy to add to your day and will help you complete the dreaded chore that is really never finished.

Have the kids help with their own laundry

This is one idea that my husband gave me and it’s really changed how stressed I get over our laundry piles. My oldest two children are 10 and 9 and they are responsible enough to handle most of their own chores now.

Over the past 2 years, I have begun to teach them how to take care of their own laundry. They have their own bathroom and I leave a hamper in their bathroom for them to use. They put their dirty clothes in the hamper.

Neither of them are tall enough to reach the controls of the washer or dryer, but I still have them help me with other parts of laundry. I will complete the wash and dry cycles and put the clean pile of laundry outside of their room. It is their job to fold and put their own clothes away.

This one simple addition has helped me so much! I’m no longer doing the whole laundry cycle for all of us. And I can’t wait until they are just a bit taller so they can add their clothes to the washer and dryer. (I’ve considered buying a stool to help with the height issue so that I don’t have to wait!)

Sort through unused clothes

I think this tip is more for me than it is for our entire family. As I’ve been on a journey to lose weight and get healthy, I have fallen for one of those “helpful” tips in which I buy the clothes I want to fit into once I lose the weight.

However, losing weight is a marathon and not a sprint. While I have lost several inches, I still have several pieces of clothing that don’t fit me and are basically brand new sitting in my closet.

My kids also have their favorite pieces of clothing that they tend to wear over and over again and they leave perfectly good clothes sitting in their dresser for months.

I want to stop doing this. This add so much extra work to our laundry! How? My kids tend to add whatever is lying around on the floor to the laundry hamper, whether it is dirty or not. I’ve only recently caught on to the fact that they are throwing clean clothes into their laundry, even though they haven’t worn the clothing in forever.

I also do this. I will try to put on a piece of clothing and see if it fits or not. If it doesn’t, I have a 50/50 chance of either throwing the clothing to the floor (with the thought of “I will pick that up later”) or hanging the clothing back up where it belongs. It’s an annoying habit and it really adds to my laundry. When I am cleaning up our room, I tend to do a wide sweep of whatever clothing is on the floor just to be make it as quick and easy as possible. This means that whatever clean clothes I threw to the floor in frustration get picked up too and added to the hamper.

So, to combat this I am beginning to sort through our unused clothing. If it truly doesn’t fit (sob!) or we haven’t touched it in months, I will bag the clothes up and donate them.

Get rid of clothes that are torn or worn

My entire family has the habit of picking favorite clothes and wearing them over and over and OVER again. This wears clothes out so fast. And then, because they are attached to the piece of clothing, when holes or fraying starts, nobody wants to get rid of it!

It’s a lot easier to talk my husband or myself out of a favorite piece of clothing, but the kids are another story. I’ve instructed the kids several times to get rid of one piece of clothing or another, only to see them wearing it a few days later.

This also causes problems with our washer and dryer when the frayed ends get caught in the machine.

So, I have begun sneaking a shirt here or a pair of pants there and throwing them away. It’s a slow process but it needs to be done! And think of all the laundry I won’t have to do once I’m finished!

Sort and organize your laundry

This is my final tip that I have begun to implement to our chaotic laundry situation.

Have you been watching the Marie Kondo special on Netflix!? It’s so amazing! While I haven’t added every single one of her ideas to our life yet, I have started with our clothing.

Laundry is such a big part of my life as a mother (sorting, putting away, washing) that I really believe that an organized closet can help eliminate some of the laundry chaos that I experience on a daily basis.

This tips ties in with the other tips from the article. Once you have sorted through unused and frayed clothes, it’s much easier to sit back and tackle the issue of deciding what you really need for clothing.

This might be a bit easier for me since I don’t tend to hoard clothing. I am a collector when it involves books and boots.

Sorting through clothes is a simple process but it can be overwhelming. Need and want are two words that can become interchangeable when we are going through things that we need to be sorting and getting rid of.

I am still going through this sorting process but I started with Marie’s popular tip and it’s really helped me: keep what sparks joy! I have gotten rid of a ton of clothes just because I didn’t like the color or it didn’t fit me the way that I wanted the clothing to.

This is a journey and so far, I am liking what this has done for us as a family!

So, there are my 4 very simple tips to help keep your laundry under control and maintained.

Are you going through an obsession with Marie Kondo’s TV show? What have you added to your life because of the episodes? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

4 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Laundry Chaos. Do you struggle to get laundry done? I do too! I have 6 people in my house and it is a real pain to keep up with the needs of the family for clean clothes! I use these 4 great ideas to keep up with the seemingly constant stream of laundry that needs to be done! Check it out!

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