23 Productive Things You Can Do When You Need a Break but Don’t Want to Spend Money

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As a mom, I LOVE break time! I find that I don’t get enough breaks!

However, I find that my problem tends to be WHAT to do when I get a chance! Do I read a book OR watch that movie I’ve been dying to see?

I can’t decide!!

So, I’ve created a list of 23 little things to do when you, as a mom, get a chance!

I created the list with the mom in mind who wants a break from motherhood or work life, but STILL wants to be productive in some capacity.

I also created the list to go easy on your budget! I find that the majority of things that I think to do cost money. So, most of these items will either have a small cost to them OR they will be free! Win-win!

To save your money and keep you from boredom, keep yourself busy. Save this list and look at it when you need inspiration for something to do!

Go for a walk

Visit your local library

Complete a puzzle

Tend to your houseplants

Read a magazine

Make a cup of tea (I love herbal fruit tea like this box)

Write down a list of goals

Wipe your counters off

Trim and paint your nails (I love these light pink colors!)

Mop your floor

Print out a coloring page and finish it

Look over your budget

Sweep the porch

Clean your fridge

Clean out your Tupperware

Put your books in order (I’m currently engrossed in this book)

Play a board game

Meal prep for the week

Write a special note to someone you care about

Finish a load of laundry

Clean your sink

Wipe marks off the walls

Clean off your desk

I truly hope these helped!

I plan on using this list quite frequently this year! I want to include MORE breaks into my time slots, but I also want to make sure that I am not neglecting other areas of my life.

With this lovely list of productive things to do, you can take a break from working or staring at a screen, and you will have completed a few things that needed to be done.

What do you do to stay productive when you don’t want to spend a ton of money? Let me know in the comments!

23 Productive Things You Can Do When You Have Time but Don't Know What To Do

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