13 Easy Ideas for Moms to Have More Me Time

As a mom, it is INCREDIBLY hard to find time for myself.

My days are usually filled with my four kids, cooking, cleaning, working, taking care of my husband, among many, many other things that are needed daily.

I tend to either ignore my wants or I end up spending my free time wondering which of my many needed self-care areas I should take care of first.

Another problem I have is WHAT to do with my free time.

While I have my wants, I never have a plan that goes along with those wants.

These ideas will hopefully provide you with a variety of ideas of what to do when you have some free time and don’t know what to do!


While I don’t find exercise my top choice for me time, I find that it invigorates me and allows me to get a clear mind. Not only am I focusing on my health (which I admit needs more work), but I am usually alone which gives me some space. Win on both accounts!


As a woman, I absolutely adore locking my bathroom door and taking a long, hot bubble bath (who doesn’t love bubbles in their bath). I have my husband watch the kids for an hour and I spend that time soaking and reading a good book. While it’s not quiet 100% of the time, it’s still nice to get away from responsibility.

Get out

My favorite way to get some me time is to get out of the house. It doesn’t even have to be a night out. Grab an hour and go shopping!


This one is fairly new to me, but I have found that this relaxes me more than most of the other ideas. Finding some quiet space, breathing, focusing on clearing your mind – all good things for me! I tend to have a million topics in my head and mediating allows me to clear my head and begin again. It’s like a mini reset.

Join a club

Most of what us moms need is some quality time with other people who speak our language. Is there a better way than joining a club that allows you to read AND gets you some alone time? I have joined clubs in the past that were online, so this doesn’t have to be about getting out and meeting in person. Simply joining an online club and spending the time with others is a good way to get some me time with other adults.

Take a walk

Whether you take the kids or not, walking is great for putting priorities on pause. Not to mention, it’s healthy to walk! You could also add on to this by walking to get coffee or walking to a store.

Call a person you love

I love talking to people who help me calm down and focus on what’s really important. Take some time and grab a phone call with a person you care about. It’s important to spend time with those we care about.

Buy something new

I love shopping. Treating myself to something new is a great way for me to increase my wardrobe and grab some quick me time. Go to Starbucks and grab a coffee and pastry. Or go to Target and shop their sales area.

Make a playlist

Music is a favorite way to motivate me and calm me down all at the same time. Include your favorite songs (about 30 minutes worth at least) and listen to them while you are relaxing or cleaning. It’s a good way to focus on something else and it will drown out the household noises.


Cooking is my creative outlet. I might not draw or paint well, but I love to cook. Grab a new recipe and try it out. Or tell your husband to take the kids out and cook your favorite meal while they are gone.

Hobby Time

We all have many interests that we have sitting on the sidelines that we think about, but never really do. Take some time for yourself and start a new hobby. Whatever suits your fancy, just make sure that you have time set aside for yourself so that your passion has time to grow.

Plan a spa day

For a more expensive idea, take several hours and go to the spa. Have a massage, get your nails done, and relax. I promise it will rejuvenate you!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

For a final tip, remember to relax during the stressful moments. This can be the hardest thing to remember but I have been trying to consciously choose this option more and more. My four year old and two year old can tear our house apart faster than I can blink. I have learned that it’s better if I simply calm myself down and try to remember that they aren’t doing it maliciously. They are having fun and learning. I have begun using these moments to teach my younger children how to clean and where things belong.

Hopefully these ideas will give you some ideas on how to find the small moments to get a break and release some stress. I have learned that taking advantage of the small pockets of time in my day for some breaks have greatly increased my productivity and my level of calm. Let me know what you do to find time in your day to get some me time!

13 easy ways for moms to get more alone time