10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

It can be bittersweet to know that your little baby has grown up SO much that they are now ready to begin school! I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide whether I am happy that my 3 oldest kids are in school now or whether I am sad they are growing up.

What Should I Do to Prepare My Child for Kindergarten?

It’s a tad different for us since we home school our kids. But, it’s still a milestone indicating that your little ones are becoming older. 

One way to help your kindergarten-age child become ready for school is to begin a new routine that will help everyone adjust to school times. This is important whether you are homeschooling or whether you are sending your kids outside of the home for school.

Get Your Child Ready for School

Going to kindergarten will mean significant changes to their routine with an entirely different schedule. There will be lots of new stuff to learn and they will be interacting with new adults in foreign situations. This can be stressful on the little ones.

So, to help your child prepare for all this fun newness, here are 10 ways to prepare your child for kindergarten.

Read to them every day (help them to sound out the letters and simple words)

Teach them to write their name (first and last name)

Responsibility (teach them to clean up the messes they make and help others)

Teach fine motor skills (how to use a pencil on paper, scissors)

Good manners

    Please, thank you, you’re welcome

    Teach them to listen without interjecting into a conversation

Introduce them to 2-3 step directions

    Go to the bathroom and flush

    Get your shoes, put them on, and tie them

Social skills

    Sharing, talking, taking turns

Teach them how to say no (SUPER IMPORTANT for social situations)

Make sure your child knows how to do simple tasks since you won’t be there to help (tie shoes, drink out of a cup, wiping and pulling up their pants after using the restroom)

Letters and Numbers (they don’t need to master them but recognition of particular letters and numbers will really help them)

I find that helping your young, new student with these 10 simple tasks will greatly increase their chances of success. You might not be there for every new situation they encounter so having your little one learn from a parent before they leave will really help.

What skills did you focus on before your kids went off to school? Did you find any of these tips surprising? Let’s talk!

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