10 Crazy Easy Things You Can Do To Simplify Your Day to Day Life

Our life is wasted away by details – simplify.

As a wife and mother, all I want is to get through my day in a manner that is simple and not chaotic. That’s all I want!

Honestly though, it’s a lot tougher to do than it sounds. When it comes to taking care of your family, things seem to pop up at random intervals and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There are many different ways to make your life easier.

The simple life tips that I am going to be giving you aren’t crazy hard to implement. They are simple! Sometimes it’s the simple things that pass us by though.

By adding these tips to your life, you can decrease the amount of stress that you feel and you will become a bit more productive (which is always a plus)!

Get rid of one difficult task early in the day

I am the queen of procrastination! Can’t deny it! I should get a medal. I don’t plan to put things off, I procrastinate about hard things and easy things both. Especially the projects that I really don’t have any interest in. 

So my first tip to you is to pick one task that needs to be done for the day and finish it! Need to work out? Do it! Have some hard part of your work day that you are dreading? Get to it so that you aren’t stressing over it!

The worst part of procrastination is the feeling of drowning or the worry that you didn’t do something that needed to be done. Just suck it up and do what needs to be done. And then reward yourself afterwards.

Set up a spot in your house for your important items

How many times have you been late because you couldn’t find your keys or your credit card that you pulled out to purchase something?

It seems to be a daily occurrence for us! Put your creativity to work and fix up a cute little spot in the house where you can put the items you will need when you leave the house. And remember to put your items there when you come back home!

Take care of your mail: both physical and electronic

Your mail, whether it is physical paper mail or email, tends to be a spot that piles up.

I have the awful habit of ignoring the mess rather than taking care of it. And I know that taking care of the mess would make me feel SO good!

Physical mail might not take too long for you to take care of, but it is still important to make sure that you look through.

Email, however, tends to be a beast. As a starting point, save what you need to save and trash everything else. This will give you a starting point to clean your inbox out!

Make sure your bedroom and kitchen are clean

I can get by if the living room, office, or kid’s rooms are messy. But I tend to get very frustrated if my bedroom or the kitchen aren’t clean.

Do you have rooms that you just can’t let go if they are messy? Use that as motivation! If it is bothering you, take some extra time and clean it. I promise you, you will feel much better.

Show gratitude

It’s such a simple action, and it can be overlooked all too often. If you are having trouble being too frustrated with your day, take a step back. Be grateful for your life.

Prep your meals

It sounds like a nice idea, but it can be such trouble when you have kids. I get it! I love to meal prep, but it is a major pain in the butt! However, I tend to do some simple meal prep that helps us and is easy to do!

I meal plan and I try to stick to it at the store. It’s not as fancy as it sounds. I shop for specific meals for the kids and I shop for specific meals for my husband and myself.

While I understand that kids need to be introduced to new foods, I am also practical about what my kids will or won’t eat. If I don’t want to fight it, I will buy simple meals that I know they will eat. It takes so much work out of my day and I choose meals that can be baked to take even more work out of meal prep for us.

I will fight over healthy meals later. My kids already like most fruits and veggies so I’m lucky in that regard.

Become more active

It doesn’t matter what type of activity you end up doing. Go walk around the mall. Go to a bookstore and walk around and browse the books. Getting up and walking around inspires me. It invigorates me and I feel more capable of completing my day. I tend to do my best thinking if I am on my feet. Watch less TV. Take a walk with your kids. Just do something that doesn’t involve sitting down for the majority of your day.

Create a morning and evening routine

Nothing serious. Just something to set a schedule for yourself.

Reserve the morning time for alone time. Read or journal. Exercise. Take some quiet time and plan your day.

Reserve the evening time for your family. Straighten the house. Spend time with your kids. Watch a movie together. Erase work from your schedule while your kids are getting ready for bed.

Having simple routines in the morning and evening will help you to better plan your day.

Write your reminders on paper

While I love my phone and how convenient it is to type out lists and reminders, I have to admit that I forget to check that list later on in the day.

Having the reminder out in front of my face during the day helps me to remember what needs to be done.

Plan out tomorrow before bed

Know what needs to be done the next day. It helps you plan out when you need to get done. Plan out when you need to be in bed by. What time you need to wake up.

Doing this simple task has really helped me to be more aware of what I need to do, and it also lets me know when I can sleep in and be lazy during the day, which is always a plus.

I hope that these 10 simple tricks for simplifying your life help! I know that working on my daily routine has done wonders for how productive I am. It also helps me to be more present if I let the little things go and work on the important things that truly matter.

10 Easy Tricks to Simplify Your Day to Day Life

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